About Me

"Fitness Coach.
Physiotherapist. Wife.

I have been a fitness enthusiast for many years and always knew I would end up in the health & fitness industry. At first, I practiced as a physiotherapist with special interest in sport, women’s health and mental health.  

I am also a Body Coach with my motto being “Believe, Move, Nourish.” A fit and healthy lifestyle is a balance between thinking right, staying active and eating well. 

When we moved to KZN when my husband became CFO at the University of Zululand, I sold my practices and started my health and wellness blog focussing on adding value to other women's lives by sharing healthful information and exercises for women, particularly moms.  

As a specialist in exercise, I tailor my workouts to suit the biomechanical needs of women. Having had 3 kids in under 3 years, I had to apply my women’s health and exercise knowledge to my own life to gain back my strength and fitness the right way. 

I started online workouts during lockdown, which have just taken off, because busy moms can have a tailored 30 minute workout “live” (or the recording) with me, without wasting time driving to the gym.