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Ankle & Wrist Weight 900g | Set of 2: Light Grey

  • R 695.00 Light Grey Ankle/Wrist Weights are recommended to add resistance training to your workouts to help you to tone and sculpt!

At 450g per weight, the Weights add a constant, but comfortable resistance to your workout. Incredibly adaptable, they can be worn on wrists or ankles for training and recreational activities alike.
So fold laundry, do star jumps with them on while doing a HIIT workout, or go for a walk/run with them on! 

The athletic elastic band and ultra-strong velcro allow for a custom fit for everybody.

Includes a durable black transparent zip carrying case and 2 x Fitness Ankle/Wrist Weight Bracelets wrapped in a light grey, baby soft silicone with adjustable velcro fastening.