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Nourish Protein Shake: Chocolate

  • R 455.00

A chocolate flavoured nourishing, low-carb protein shake expertly formulated with prebiotics, digestive enzymes, and premium pea and rice proteins. This thoughtfully crafted shake aims to revitalize your body, delivering a pure protein surge that fuels the development of lean muscle, while also aiding muscle recovery and enhancing performance.

For individuals dedicated to their health and fitness journey, striving to meet their daily protein targets, this shake serves as an ideal complement to support your health and physique aspirations. When coupled with regular exercise, this protein consumption can contribute to the cultivation of lean muscle mass.

Containing all essential nine amino acids, as well as branched-chain amino acids, including arginine—a heart-healthy amino acid that facilitates improved blood circulation—this shake offers a well-rounded nutritional profile. Moreover, it boasts notable iron content while maintaining a low-fat composition.

The synergy of pea and rice proteins results in a complete protein source, endowed with an optimal amino acid composition surpassing that of any standalone plant protein.

Enhances lean muscle mass and fortitude
Elevates metabolic rate
Provides satiety and lasting fullness
Supports bone density
Contributes to robust hair, nails, and skin
This shake is recommended before or after exercising or as a valuable addition to smoothies for a protein-enriched blend. It's a convenient way to bolster your daily protein intake between meals. Now available for pre-order, seize the opportunity to elevate protein content in your diet.


Mix 5 level scoops (33g) with 220-250ml water. Shake well and enjoy.


Pea protein, rice protein, cocoa powder, soluble vegetable fiber, sodium chloride, stabilizer (E415), digestive enzyme*, stevia. See images for detailed nutritional information.

21 servings per 700g craft paper bag.

Dairy, gluten and soy free.

Keto & banting friendly.

Product of South Africa