| Christy Ann du Plessis

With the festive season coming up, we all need quick and easy recipe inspiration to enjoy before going out - or snacks to take with us on our adventures.

Join me in making my "Green Summer Smoothie” 

Health and goodness are always in season. Harmony Avs are a range of avocados made available when in season to ensure that you get the best year-round. The different varietals all have their unique flavours. When it comes to avocados, timing is everything – and these are more affordable because they’re grown locally. Their delicious and healthy avs will find their way into not only your smoothies, but also your salad, pasta, sandwich or pudding!

Green Summer Smoothie

Serves 2


- 1/2 Harmony Av (I used lamb hass)

- 1 squeezed lemon

- 1 kiwi

- 1 handful of kale

- 1 slice green melon

- 1/2 golden delicious apple

- 200ml coconut milk

- 1 scoop vegan protein powder sweetened with stevia (I used "coconut dream" flavour by Youthful Living)

- Grapefruit as garnish

 ZZ2 Afrikado Harmony Avs


- Mix all the above ingredients except the grapefruit together in a food processor.

- Serve in desired glasses and use garnish with sliced grapefruit pieces.


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